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Adopt a cosino

Whether a numbered print to decorate your home or a bag to have with you at all times, there are many possibilities to enter the world of cosini (= little things).

Numbered prints

Decorate your home with iCosini

The prints are of the highest quality, hand-decorated with gold and silver metallic watercolours, signed and numbered.

Illustrated book

Senza il lupo

"On red days I tiptoe because I am afraid he will wake up and eat me like the wolf did to Little Red Riding Hood." With sensitivity and delicacy, the author tackles the theme of domestic violence by paying great attention to the use of each word; the same attention that a tightrope walker pays to his elegant and cautious steps.

For children aged 9-11.
Edizioni Svizzere per la Gioventù (= Swiss Youth Editions)


Take the Cosini with you at all times

Products of all kinds: cheerful, fun and colourful. They are produced and shipped by a company called Society6 at the time of purchase, so there is no waste!

Each product is available with graphics of my illustrations.

Borsa di tela

Tote bags

Extremely practical and comfortable, they have bright colours and excellent wear resistance. 

From CHF 28.- / 29€



Jerseys for men, women or unisex, to wear a Cosino.

From CHF 23.- / 25€

Cuscino con pettirosso

Pillows or cushion covers

Add a touch of colour and cheer to your sofa or bed, with many designs available.

From CHF 23.- / 24€

Tazza da the e borracce

Teacups and water bottles

Ideal as a gift, for yourself or a loved one.

From CHF 18.- / 19€

Tasche e astucci

Pouches and cases

Very useful for keeping small items organised: from pencils, to make-up, or medicines. 

From CHF 15.- / 16€

Custodie o pellicole per smartphone

Mobile phone cases

Protect your smartphone or laptop with a cheerful and colourful case.

From CHF 16.- / 17€

Your very own letter

Want a customised design?

Would you like to decorate your home with a personalised letter, or would you like to give a unique gift to a special person?


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do you create numbered prints?

I care a lot about quality, so I scan the original design and spend a lot of time calibrating it so that it is as close to the original as possible. 

To print it, I rely on a local print shop: when we print, I always bring the original design to make sure the print is as close as possible. 

Then I add personalised touches on each print, such as metallic or shiny watercolour touches. Finally the number and the handwritten signature.

I like your accessories but I don't know which one to buy...

Of the various products made by Society6 there are several that I use on a daily basis: I love being able to carry Cosini with me all the time!

Tote bags: by far my favourite product. They are durable and sturdy, colourful and cheerful. Also, for me they are the perfect size for a bag to carry with me every day (I bought the 13'x13' size).

Pouches and cases: as for the bags, they are strong and practical. I always have one in my bag to collect small items like some make-up, medicines and small documents (I use the Medium 9.5" x 6"). 

Pillows: my sofa wouldn't be the same without a couple of cushions from Cosini, nice and colourful. 

I would like to make a personalised gift how does it work?

Send me a message via the form at this link ,so we can get in touch and work out the details.

This is usually my process:

  1. I have you send me a voicemail or text message where you tell me about the passions of the person who will receive the gift, their characteristics, favourite colour, etc.
  2. I make a preliminary pencil sketch, with maybe a couple of variations, which I submit to you for your opinion. There is room for modification at this stage.
  3. I realise the drawing in ink on watercolour paper, and share it with you. There is little room for manoeuvre at this stage, but you can always add a few more details.
  4. those in drawing with the colours you recommended. During the process I usually send intermediate states, to show the evolution.
  5. I sign, add if you want a dedication on the back, frame, pack and deliver. 
I have an idea that I would like to be illustrated, is it possible?

Of course!

Send me a message via the form you find at this link, so we get in touch and work out the details.

Consider, though, that I hardly ever go outside my drawing style. For example, if you ask me for a portrait, don't expect something photorealistic...

Write to me, tell me your idea, and let's see together what we can create!

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