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Vanessa and Aaron get married

Vanessa and Aaron asked me to create a customised illustration for their upcoming wedding invitations on commission

Illustrazione per i giovani sposi

For the most beautiful day, a tailor-made illustration

I don't know whether the joy or the performance anxiety inside me was greater when Vanessa contacted me asking me to create the wedding invitation for her wedding with Aaron. What certainly remained after this project was happiness and great satisfaction: I felt truly honoured to have been their choice to create the invitation to their most beautiful day.

Illustrazione intera per il matrimonio

"We like camping, but also diving in the sea"

Those who follow the work of I Cosini know very well that I love mixing sea and mountains, seabed with alpine landscapes, so it was even more fun when Vanessa told me that this was exactly what she wanted. And so it was: a beautiful tent at the bottom of the sea. A campfire surrounded by little fish and jellyfish and a beautiful couple in love, letting their love carry them away as one lets oneself be carried away by the waves of the sea and the mountain wind.

After showing several sketches to the bride-to-be, I made the drawing she chose with ink on watercolour paper. I then coloured the illustration with watercolours, trying to give shading and depth.

Dettaglio mentre realizzo il disegno con l'inchiostro
Dettaglio mentre disegno

A personalised painting to decorate a young couple's home

I like to think that this illustration has a double life: the first is to arrive at the homes of relatives and friends, in the form of an invitation card, and invite them to Vanessa and Aaron's wedding, an original thought that many of them will have kept.

It is the first image these people will see the instant they receive the good news.

The second is to decorate the home of the young couple: a picture to remind them every day of their lives of that special moment when they pledged their love for eternity. The framed work was embellished with touches of gold and silver watercolour, to add brilliance and a touch of light.

Either way, whether a card or a painting, the personalised illustration carries a great memory and strong emotion.

Dettaglio del quadro
Dettaglio del quadro
Dettaglio del quadro
Biglietto di invito con busta
Biglietto di invito: fronte e retro

A drawing on commission

I usually approach commissioned works differently from personal ones, but not in this case: it was so natural and so beautiful to channel positive energy into this illustration, perhaps because of the message it carries, or perhaps because the subject matter came straight from my heart.

Whatever the answer is, I hope that Vanessa and Aaron, now young newlyweds, can truly let themselves be carried away by love every day, as they do in the scene I depicted.


Would you also like a personalised illustration to decorate your home or for a special occasion?