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Pino Pesci

Mixing sea and mountains, I found myself imagining fish swimming in the branches of a pine tree.

Illustrazione Pino Pesci appena e incorniciata

Are you more a sea or mountain person?

I do not know.

I wanted to make a nice drawing, with warm colours and the impression of movement... but what to choose between sea and mountain? It is from this indecision that this design was born: the combination of the little fish of the sea and the lively and pleasant shape of a pine tree.

Illustrazione di un pino con dei pesci

Studied forms, reasoned traits

I am usually very instinctive when it comes to my designs, but this time I wanted to build it to perfection: I studied the shapes so that the pine would give the idea of swaying. I wanted to give thickness and texture to the fronts. The little fish had to twirl around the tree. The mushrooms had to be plump. From the sketch to the ink stage, everything was checked in detail.

Dettaglio mentre schizzo con la matita
Illustrazione con inchiostro e riempimenti neri
Dettaglio del disegno dei funghi

Watercolour and a touch of gold

The watercolour phase always gets out of hand for me. Watercolour has a life of its own... it does what it wants... but we had fun together (me and the watercolours) constructing this scene.

Finally, I wanted to add touches of golden watercolour, to add preciousness and give that brightness to the fish scales, and the magic of the vortex.

Ho iniziato a colorare lo sfondo con gli acquerelli
Dettaglio dell'illustrazione quasi finita
Dettaglio dell'illustrazione non finita
Ho aggiunto acquerello d'oro che brilla

Top-quality prints

I can't be happier than this: the design turned out great, and the limited edition prints I created are extremely close to the original. I also added gold by hand to the prints to make them precious.

The print (left in the picture below) and the original (right): it's hard to tell the difference! 

Confronto tra originale e stampa

Prints and accessories

You can buy different accessories with this design: I pesonally bought the tote bag, and I love it! The colours are beautiful and bright!! You can find different products at this link.

Borsa di tela con pino pesci
Stampa numerata e firmata con pino pesci
Cuscino con pino pesci
Tazza con pino pesci
Tasche e astucci con pino pesci
Mobile phone cover con pino pesci
Wooden_mannequin_and_box_on_table 1

You can buy high-quality, limited edition numbered and signed prints in my Etsy shop.