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It needs a flower

A project promoted by Bolo Klub, to turn Switzerland into an open-air museum and make people reflect on human intervention in our planet's ecosystem.


An illustration to make people think about the ecosystem

On the first day of spring, 21 March 2022, 43 illustrations blossomed all over Switzerland: these are the works of 43 illustrators who decided to participate in this project promoted and conceived by Bolo Klub.

The aim of the action? To turn Switzerland into an open-air museum, inviting the population to reflect on the relationship of human intervention with the natural ecosystem.

Ci vuole un fiore
Ci vuole un fiore - dettaglio del processo

A flower that protects my drawn characters

In my illustration I wanted to represent the last remaining flower, under which a series of small Cosini take shelter. Outside there is only rain and human intervention.

It needs a flower to find shelter.
It needs a flower to fill one's eyes with beauty.
It needs a flower to see colours.
It needs a flower to feel balanced.
It needs a flower not to forget where we come from.

Io con l'illustrazione, alla fermata abbandonata

An illustration of nature within an abandoned urban context

My illustration is located at Lugano-Agno Airport, inside an old, now abandoned bus stop. It will remain there until 17 April, at the disposal of the public and the natural factors that may affect it.

I wanted to hang it in a place in decline: the contrast between my illustration and the now decaying human intervention is obvious, and I think it reinforces its meaning. A beautiful illustration in an obviously ugly and neglected context.

La fermata dell'autobus, abbandonata

Switzerland transformed into an open-air museum

On the site dedicated to this project you can view all the illustrations, as well as consult a map of Switzerland where you can discover the exact location of all the works. It is thus possible to participate in a sort of 'treasure hunt'.


The beauty of being part of something bigger

Participating in this project together with other professionals from all over Switzerland made me feel part of something bigger: I am not alone in tackling this issue. We are a group. We are a chorus of voices.

It is the same feeling I get when I look at a flower: it, in its simplicity, is just a small part of that big nature that makes its voice heard.

Ci vuole un fiore

You can see all the works of the 'It needs a flower' project, including mine, on the Bolo Klub website.