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Drawing what brings you energy...

I regained energy... by drawing your advice!

It will surely have happened to you too to have such a stressful and busy period that you no longer have any energy or motivation. That feeling of going into 'energy-saving' and then just surviving until that period passes. 

Well, that is what happened to me in December 2022. The commitments, the stress, the pressure of thoughts were so overwhelming that I found myself feeling emotionally blocked and switched off. I sought advice from you, friends of iCosini who also follow me on social media, asking what do you do to regain energy in such cases?

I received many answers, and they were the spark that led me to create a dozen drawings full of energy. Many thanks to those who participated!!! 


A couple of clarifications before showing you the drawings...

Technique, first of all: I drew digitally, with the iPad, because it allows me not to feel performance anxiety. It does not matter if the result does not satisfy me, because no expensive or precious material would have been wasted.

Secondly, there are images with writing in Italian and others in English, because I adapted to the language in which the suggestion was sent to me. I am fortunate to have supporters from all over the world.... 


I regain energy... 


... drawing your comments!
I also wanted to draw myself, while drawing the advice that came to me and in the process regaining energy. Yes, because that's what actually happened! Doing these drawings made me really happy!



... with a walk in the snow in the mountains!



... listening to music, such as Mozart!



... doing things at my own pace, without running! 
And in fact that is what I did too, drawing these suggestions. I took the time to read and understand the tips, and try to represent them. 



... taking a sauna!
Ahhh.... how I would have loved to take a sauna at that time! Unfortunately, however, I didn't have the chance... drawing the ninja while taking a sauna had (almost!) the same relaxing effect! 



... with a hot bath!



... drinking wine! 
As long as it's good wine, though!!! 



... by plugging me in: I'm a huge iPod! 



... on the sofa with my cat, a cup of tea and a good TV show.
I got so caught up in this drawing that I got carried away and forgot many important details. But whatever: it still seems like a good suggestion! 



... by booking a plane ticket!



... through hugs! 



... with music, dancing and singing! 


The energy of connecting with people

I tend to be a solitary person, but the connection this simple question created among those who follow me on social media was really revitalising and surprising!

Which is your favourite? Is there any other tip you would like to add to this list? Write it in the comments, it might be helpful!


Debora has a degree in Visual Communication and works as a UX Designer. Raised as a self-taught artist, she has always made drawing her most enjoyable pastime, giving birth to the collection of "iCosini." Completing her great passions are glider flying and mountains.